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For as long as I can remember, I have always been a practical, orderly person with exceptional attention to detail. 

Originally from Georgia, I was raised in a modest 900 sq. foot home where I lived with five other family members. At a young age I learned to find ways to bring peace and order to my life even if the environment around me was chaotic. Something as simple as dedicating every Sunday to prepare my wardrobe for the upcoming school week gave me a great sense of serenity.

My love for order, structure, and details remained with me as I transitioned into adulthood. Despite my naturally organized tendencies, I struggled to find a career that I was truly passionate about and fit my lifestyle goals.  

I founded Simply Organized by Tracy when I realized that I had been happily organizing myself, my friends, and family for most of my life. My background in the hospitality and event management industry, coupled with 20+ years of being a wife to a successful entrepreneur and mother of three active boys prepared me for my ultimate dream job of ORGANIZING!


In front of my childhood home in Georgia, where it all began.

“You were not created to fit a space.

Create a space that fits you.”

Tracy Brugman

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